Candidates to participate in CAME programs must meet the following requirements:

  1. Comply with the profile established for each program, which allows each group or generation of participants to have a level of homogeneous responsibility in their learning process.
  2. To exert his/her position in companies or organizations of different economical sectors.
  3. Have enough workexperience according to the program in which candidates are going to participate.

Every CAME Program offers to each participant a valuable enrichment, through the diversity in the formation of each group which favors their individual and group learning.


1.- Obtaining information

Through the various channels available:

  • Web:
  • Facebook:
  • Contact Center: 460-6150 – 460-1736
  • Visit: Jr. Costa Rica 157, Jesús María – Lima

2.-Personal Interview

Once the registration form has been completed, a personal interview will be scheduled at CAME, where you will receive instructions and recommendations to successfully carry out your participation in the program.

3.- Admission Communication

After the interview you will receive, the participant and the company, an official welcome document with information on the main activities of each program.