• Founded on december 10, 1994. The Association of past-participants of CAME – ASECAM, thanks to the desire of a group of past-participants who understood the need to continue and deepen their development, not only professional, but also Social, human and ethical. Thus the aim of this Association since its foundation has been to keep the spirit alive for personal development in an integral and permanent way.
  • Also, ASECAM seeks to maintain the relationship of past-participants with CAME, and promote their collaboration to contribute to the fulfillment of the transcendent mission of organizational improvement through personal development.
  • ASECAM is a Non-profit Civil Association, constituted in the Public Registries of Lima, which aims to promote respect for the ethical principles of the profession and the practical application of humanistic and social values, in order to contribute to the development of our society.
  • In its more than 20 years of institutional life, ASECAM has carried out several activities, including: local and international executive tours, company visits, up-dating seminars, social events. One of the most significant activities of the Association is the social assistance to people in places of greatest need in the outskirts of Lima. Since 1995 ASECAM has distributed toys, clothing and other assistance to more than 14,000 children from needy families.

Program of Activities – coming soon.