Programs designed for companies according to their specific needs. The purpose is to strengthen and refine the skills to manage people, thus contributing to:

  • Increase efficiency, through a better orientation of teams in order to achieve superior results.
  • Capitalize the learning achieved for to improving the work in each unit and the distinctive capacity of the company.
  • Improve quality of the work environment, strengthening the relationsships of trust, based on ethical principles.

Among the programs we prepare according to the needs of each organization are::

  • Development of Managerial Competencies for Managerial Level – DCG
  • Development of Executive Competencies for New Managers – DEM
  • Improvement of Management Skills for Experienced Managers – PEM
  • Development of Supervision Competencies for Team Leaders, Project Leaders, Coordinators, among others.
  • Other programs that we design with specific approaches according to the reality and requirements of each organization.

Evaluation System of Competencies:

The programs designed by CAME according to the specific needs of each company can include the 360 ° evaluation system of the managerial competencies established by the organization. This evaluation is applied through an on-line system in a simple way and provides an accurate report about the competencies of each executive individually and the group of executives selected.

Executive Coaching:

CAME offers Executive coaching to guide each participant in his/her personal development to achieve a solid growth of managerial competencies that are required according to their executive responsibility and particular situation.