Through the three pillars of our formative process:


  • Personalized attention contributes directly to the self-knowledge and personal and professional improvement of each executive. For this it is applied:

* 360º Evaluation of Management Competencies (on-line)

* Executive Coaching, by certified coaches

  • The Integral development implies a growth of the person in relation to their ways of being, character and ethical qualities, besides the professional scope.For this purpose, the executive is guided through scheduled sessions, talks and seminars designed for this purpose.
  • The continuous learning Development is favored through a personal plan for every participant, and with the Annual Update Program.
  • Evaluations during the program: Evaluations and self-assessments are carried out to identify the learning progress of each participant in order to boost the development of their competencies and leadership skills.
  • Program Directors: They are in charge of accompanying and following the process of learning and improving each participant in each generation.