Soft Skills or Weak Skills?

The term soft skill is now used to refer to those skills required by managers and employees to deal with issues related to people. This is considered, for example, the ability to work in a team, to manage conflicts, to listen to others, to be assertive, to give empowerment, etc. Some even include in this concept other types of qualities such as empathy and trust. In this context, it is important to ask if only with skills it is possible to conduct with consistency the issues about the relationships among employees, and in any case, what issues require skills and in what situations they are not enough. Therefore, it is necessary to amplify the term consistency, with which we refer to a person who acts with integrity and coherence in accordance with their commitments, convictions and values. Thus, the questions that arise are: is it enough that managers develop soft skills? And, if managers only develop these skills, they will not become perhaps weak skills?, that is, skills that in some cases are not enough resource to effectively handle a situation.