What methodology does CAME use?


CAME uses the Case Methodology and the Rational Learning System for the Development of Competencies and Management Skills.

This methodology allows the participants to face specific situations, in real cases of companies or organizations, in order to be tested in terms of the use of their resources, the way to understand the problems, the way to propose and select solutions, and their style to carry out the actions.

Through this methodology the following essential skills are developed:

  • Diagnostic capability
  • Ability to analyze
  • Ability of synthesis
  • Ability to identify effective, efficient and consistent alternatives
  • Decision- Making capacity
  • Ability to prepare a coherent Planfor action based on the decision made



It is an effective learning system, through which participants share their experience, and are enriched by the experience of others. This is a dynamic process through structured exchange of ideas, knowledge and criteria, with the guidance of the MONITOR , PROGRAM DIRECTOR and TEACHER, respectively in each stage of learning.

The professional team of CAME that applies this methodology consists of:

  • A Team of Teachers – Facilitators
  • A Team of Program Directors
  • A Team of Monitors
  • It contributes to create a culture of thought: For thinking and make their subordinates think, in order to promote the improvements and changes that are appropriate in each area of the organization.
  • It allows to reach a more complete knowledge of the human being, and thus to be able to develop a consisten leadership.
  • CAME programs are well structured and provide the participant with a broader view of the organization and enable him/her to act in decision making with responsibility and judgment.
  • We encourage the sharing of experiences, both by teachers and program directors and by the participants in each of the programs we deliver, in a logical and coherent sequence.
  • Beyond a training program, CAME provides complete developing for executives, thus helps organizations to have leaders-agents of change-with favorable repercussions on business, society and the family.
  •  Personalized advice and executive coaching are provided to each participant.
  • Participants can carry out their evaluation and diagnosis of managerial skills and competencies (360º Evaluation System: On-line).
  • The spouses are invited to participate in specialized sessions about the Family area.

In this way, the main managerial capacities are promoted:

    • Strengthening of strategic, intrategic, and leadership competencies.
    • Growth in attitudes and qualities for managing and guiding employees.